Parking space concept Bettembourg

The municipality Bettembourg intended to analyze its public parking lots with the aim to use them more efficiently. Therefore, measures for reorganisation and parking management should eventually be foreseen. Within the area of Bettembourg, the settlements Bettembourg and Nörzingen, especially the P&R around the existing railway station, should be taken into closer consideration.

The analysis should be conducted having regard to the requirements and demands of the different user groups (inhabitants, guests, consumers, commuters etc.).

Analysis and inquiry

  • Analysis and inquiry of the overall parking space offer in Bettembourg and Nörzingen including the occupancy of the public parking lots at three different times of the day
  • Duration and dispersion of parking through licence number inquiries for P&R parking lots in Bettembourg and Nörzingen

Parking space concept

  • Elaboration of solution proposals for different target groups in regard to the areas. Consideration of possible problems through parking of delivery vehicles and heavy goods vehicles, especially in residential areas.
  • Proposing a possible parking management of parking lots in public space („Parking payant“, „parking résidentiel“, „parking limité“ (disque … ))
  • Time staggering of the parking management  (working day, day times, exceptions)  
  • Costs and revenues of implementation
  • Parking management at big events

The parking space concept was implemented at 1 July 2015.

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