Parkraumanalyse Dudelange

Dudelange ist the 4th biggest city in Luxembourg, a former city of industry in the south of the country, that has been grown around the old steel mill.

On behalf of the city, the excisting parking concept in the puplic area has been evaluated. Main objectives were defined - as a more efficient use of the existing capacities in the center and to provide sufficient parking for the people living in the single areas. Further the needs of all users (residents, commuters, guests for different courses) have to be taken into consideration and have to be co-ordinated.

Through an analysis (by licence plate) the existing parking situation (duration and capacity) of the center was checked. Based on the accurate balance of the parking situation, future prognosis concerning the needs of parking were made. Following measures for a re-orgaisationd were formulated and presented to the community.
In co-ordination with the community in January 2016 following modification of the parking management will be implemented:  

  • Enlargement of the operating short-term parking zone within resident’s areas, where an enormous impact of externe long-term parkers exists at the moment
  • Changes of the duration of parking in parts of the center and at parking areas close to the center
  • Special regulations at parking areas with a big amount of guest

Main objective has been to concentrate externe long-term parkers on the P+R parking areas and to provide the remaining public parking area to residents and guests.

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Administration communale de la ville de Dudelange
2013 - 2015