Plan Directeur „Porte de Hollerich“

The city of Luxembourg (90,000 inhabitants) plans a reshaping in the district of Hollerich attached directly to the adjacent railway station area and cut by an access to the motorway, which ends directly up to the Church in the former center (planning area: about 120 ha). The project is a precursor of an international competition with the planning team as winner team.

In the central area the construction of a new railway station (Cessange) on the main line Brussels - Strasbourg - Basel as a focus of future development is planned. The task of the traffic planning was to design the entire network for all modes (road, public transport and for non-motorized transport (bicycle and pedestrian)).

In addition, apart from the general considerations for the design of the station, the line of the proposed extension of the planned tram, which shall connect the „European quarter“ in Kirchberg, the center and the existing railway station, to the new station has been designed. Corresponding design of the stops for the tram and the new sections of roads have been drafted.